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Help your child's acting career! Let them CRUSH their next audition and land the next gig! Oh, and give them the BEST chance at working with the BIGGEST STARS in Hollywood!

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ONE TIME OFFER: Simply send us a 1 -2 minute audition video of your child doing a scene or commercial, and Helen Gordon will PERSONALLY review it and pinpoint any problem areas specific to your child that could be stopping them from getting callbacks and bookings! After the problems are identified, you will know exactly what your child needs to fix to sharpen their acting skills and have them give their best auditions and impress the Casting Directors. You will receive an audio clip with detailed, customized feeback from Helen within 1 week so your child can crush the scene!

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Be able to STAND OUT in any scene on the spot...Casting Directors will be amazed!
  • The 3 Simple Rules of Scene Mastery to Stand Out no matter what's thrown at you, even if you have a lousy scene partner
  • How to think on your feet to CRUSH theatrical scenes that don't have any dialogue but where you're expected to perform anyway
  • The 8 easy instructional words that will instantly improve any audition!
  • The Counter-Intuitive SECRET SKILL that budding actors have the most trouble with and how to overcome it in less than a minute!
  • How to bring a scene to LIFE to make casting directors think your child has been acting for YEARS
  • NEVER have a boring scene again! See actual before and after examples with real students demonstrating these secret techniques!
  • Better your chances to work with the BIGGEST STARS IN THE INDUSTRY!!!
  • PLUS  a 23 Scene STAND OUT Worksheet so you can SEE what an actual script looks like
  • Practice REAL SCENES that have been given out in actual Auditions. It's like having the Ultimate Audition Cheat Sheet!
  • An Added, Secret BONUS CHALLENGE to bring your Audition Skills to the next level
  • ...and much, MUCH more!
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